序号 命令 功能名(符号) 方向
1 S1F1 Are You There Request® 设备<->主机
2 S1F2 On Line Data (D) 设备<->主机
3 S1F3 Selected Equipment Status Request (SSR) 主机->设备
4 S1F4 Selected Equipment Status Data (SSD) 设备->主机
5 S1F11 Status Variable Namelist Request (SVNR) 主机->设备
6 S1F12 Status Variable Namelist Reply (SVNRR) 设备->主机
7 S1F13 Establish Communication Request (CR) 设备<->主机
8 S1F14 Establish Communication Acknowledge (CRA) 设备<->主机
9 S1F15 Request OFF-LINE (ROFL) 主机->设备
10 S1F16 OFF-LINE Acknowledge (OFLA) 设备<->主机
11 S1F17 Request ON-LINE (RONL) 主机->设备
12 S1F18 ON-LINE Acknowledge (ONLA) 设备<->主机
13 S2F13 Equipment Constant Request (ECR) 主机->设备
14 S2F14 Equipment Constant Data (ECD) 设备->主机
15 S2F15 New Equipment Constant Send (ECS) 主机->设备
16 S2F16 New Equipment Constant Acknowledge (ECA) 设备->主机
17 S2F17 Date and Time Request (DTR) 设备<->主机
18 S2F18 Date and Time Data (DTD) 设备<->主机
19 S2F23 Trace Initialize Send (TIS) 主机->设备
20 S2F24 Trace Initialize Acknowledge (TIA) 设备->主机
21 S2F29 Equipment Constant Namelist Request (ECNR) 主机->设备
22 S2F30 Equipment Constant Namelist (ECN) 设备->主机
23 S2F31 Date and Time Set Request (DTS) 主机->设备
24 S2F32 Date and Time Set Acknowledge (DTA) 设备->主机
25 S2F33 Define Report (DR) 主机->设备
26 S2F34 Define Report Acknowledge (DRA) 设备->主机
27 S2F35 Link Event Report (LER) 主机->设备
28 S2F36 Link Event Report Acknowledge (LERA) 设备->主机
29 S2F37 Enable/Disable Event Report (EDER) 主机->设备
30 S2F38 Enable/Disable Event Report (EERA) 设备->主机
31 S2F41 Host Command Send (HCS) 主机->设备
32 S2F42 Host Command Acknowledge (HCA) 设备->主机
33 S2F49 Enhanced Remote Command 主机->设备
34 S2F50 Enhanced Remote Command Acknowledge 设备->主机
35 S5F1 Alarm Report Send (ARS) 设备->主机
36 S5F2 Alarm Report Acknowledge (ARA) 主机->设备
37 S5F3 Enable/Disable Alarm Send (EAS) 主机->设备
38 S5F4 Enable/Disable Alarm Acknowledge (EAA) 主机->设备
39 S5F5 List Alarms Request (LAR) 主机->设备
40 S5F6 List Alarm Data (LAD) 设备->主机
41 S5F7 List Enabled Alarm Request (LEAR) 主机->设备
42 S5F8 List Enabled Alarm Data (LEAD) 设备->主机
43 S6F1 Trace Data Send (TDS) 设备->主机
44 S6F2 Trace Data Acknowledge (TDA) 主机->设备
45 S6F11 Event Report Send (ERS) 设备->主机
46 S6F12 Event Report Acknowledge (ERA) 主机->设备
47 S6F15 Event Report Request (ERR) 主机->设备
48 S6F16 Event Report Data (ERD) 设备->主机
49 S6F19 Individual Report Request (IRR) 主机->设备
50 S6F20 Individual Report Data (IRD) 设备->主机
51 S7F1 Process Program Load Inquire(PPI) 主机<->设备
52 S7F2 Process Program Load Grant(PPG) 设备<->主机
53 S7F5 Process Program Request(PPR) 主机<->设备
54 S7F6 Process Program Data(PPD) 设备<->主机
55 S7F17 Delete Process Program Send(DPS) 主机->设备
56 S7F18 Delete Process Program Acknowledge(DPA) 设备->主机
57 S7F19 Current EPPD Request(RER) 主机->设备
58 S7F20 Current EPPD Data(RED) 设备->主机
59 S7F25 Formatted Process Program Request(FPR) 主机<->设备
60 S7F26 Formatted Process Program Data(FPD) 设备<->主机
61 S10F1 Terminal Request (TRN) 设备->主机
62 S10F2 Terminal Request Acknowledge (TRA) 主机->设备
63 S10F3 Terminal Display, Single (VTN) 主机->设备
64 S10F4 Terminal Display, Single Acknowledge (VTA) 设备->主机
65 S10F9 Broadcast (BCN) 主机->设备
66 S10F10 Broadcast Acknowledge (BCA) 设备->主机


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